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Popularization of Energy Efficiency Level of Air Compressor

Frequently contacted with air compressors, we know that the energy-saving efficiency of air compressors will adopt the standard of first-level energy efficiency, second-level energy efficiency and third-level energy efficiency.

The first-level energy efficiency is the highest, the energy conversion rate is the best, the second-level energy efficiency is the second, and the third-level energy efficiency is the second.

So, what is the basis for this energy efficiency classification? In fact, it is the power consumption of the air compressor. Whether it is now or not

In the future, energy-saving air compressors will be the dominant force in the market, and the first-level energy efficiency and energy-saving benefits will save a lot of electricity than the second-level energy efficiency and the third-level energy efficiency air compressors.

Air compressor efficiency:

First-class energy efficiency: the products reach the international advanced level, the most energy-saving, the lowest energy consumption;

Secondary energy efficiency: comparative power saving;

Three Level Energy Efficiency: Average Energy Efficiency in China's Market