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High Temperature Problem of Air Compressor

Air compressor maintenance may be caused by many reasons. Air compressor maintenance often requires cooling technology. Here is the introduction of cooling technology for air compressor maintenance, so that you can use it when you meet the need for cooling.

1. When the oil filter plug is plugged, the real oil can not be cooled through the fan heater.

2. Use of temperature control valves. When air compressor starts, oil temperature is very low, and the closed oil of temperature control valves can not be cooled by fan heater. Air compressor temperature can not be lower than 75 degrees for a long time, and there will be a lot of condensate water below it. When water is more than automatic drainage valve, condensate water and oil will be drained together without urgency; When air compressor temperature reaches 80 degrees, condensate water will be drained together. When above, the temperature control valve will automatically open the oil and cool through the fan heater. Temperature drops. Replace the temperature control valve.

3. The position of the air compressor. The air compressor should have a large air flow area and less dust. If it has been placed in a place where the air is not flowing, it is suggested to make a iron ventilation pipe. Connect it to the outside. The temperature of the air compressor is naturally low. Connect it to the exhaust area of the air compressor. So the indoor temperature of the air compressor room will drop. The air will not flow. There will be a lot of dust.

4. Air compressor maintenance environment. As long as the water quality is clean and the flow rate is enough, the premise is that the factory has cooling tower. Air does not circulate. Many dust and water cooling have nothing to do with it. Whether domestic or foreign norms air compressor temperature to 120 automatic shutdown.

Above are several commonly used air compressor maintenance cooling methods, I do not know if you have written down. I hope it will help you.