Product Name: 22kw PM VSD screw air compressor
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Detailed introduction

22kw PM VSD screw air compressor 22kw PM VSD screw air compressor 22kw PM VSD screw air compressor

PM VSD screw air compressor
PM MotorPower(KW)22
Starting wayVSD Startup
Motor safety gradeIP23/55
Motor isolation gradeF
Electrical Supply380(415)V/50Hz/3Phase
Outlet Temperature(℃)≤ ambient Temperature+15ºC
Driven wayDirect Driven
Noise level at 1 meter65±3dB(A)
Cooling methodAir cooling
Oil content1~3 ppm
Outlet Connection(Inch)G 1

Advantages of permanent magnet motor

Air compressors generally do not work at full load, and the industry statistical load rate (load time / total running time) averages 60%. When no load occurs, the motor must continue to run at no load. The no-load motor still consumes 33-40% of the electricity bill. This part of the energy loss will be huge, and the application of frequency conversion technology will save this part of the energy, the benefits are very significant.

The frequency control technology with vector control technology as the core can automatically adjust the exhaust volume according to the actual demand of compressed air, so that the no-load energy consumption can be eliminated, the energy saving effect is remarkable, and the variable flow control makes the gas supply stable. And the soft start is implemented. The starting current is large within 1.2 times of the rated current. Compared with the power frequency starting, which is generally more than 6 times of the rated current, the starting impact force is small, and the impact on the entire mechanical system is greatly reduced.

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Rotors are asymmetric in profile, backed up by ball bearings and roller bearings. Operates at a low speed, thereby low in abrasion and maintenance expenses, air end is long service life. Helical gears can produce axial force to kill some acting force, which reduces the load of the bearing of air end.


Control panel:


Intelligent microcomputer-based control technology can monitor and control in all aspects the complete machine following your instructions, remote control realizes unattended operation, and the user-friendly human-machine interface displays instructions and parameters in written form also, it can function to self diagnose faults, give warning and automatically regulate the capacity.

Oil filter:

Rotary filters are applied to completely remove the impurities in the lubricating oil, easy to replace and free of oil impregnate.


It is designed for low temperature difference to increase heat exchange area, and ideal to be applied to high-humidity operating environment.

Excellent quality of motors:

Compared to normal motors, Servo motors have smaller dimensions and more excellent energy saving.It will exert incomparable energy saving effect than normal inductive motor when installed with the special frequency convectors.

The host machine of compressor is of high efficiency and long life:

The quality of host machine of permanent magnet synchronizing variable frequency compressor is excellent. The advanced molded lines ensure the minimum specific power.It is designed in the FEM strength ensure the stability and reliable of each part,and to realize long term operation with no faults,low noise and long life.

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Why choose us

1. Reliability.

Continuous testing for many years can ensure the absolute reliability of permanent magnet frequency conversion.

Fully sealed oil cooling shell can completely prevent dust and liquid.

Optimal performnce fulfill the customer' s need of purchasing the most affordable repairable part.

2. Energy saving.


Campared with non variable speed screw air compressor,it can save 50% energy.

 Large displacement. variable frequency range from OHZ to 300HZ the exhaust volume increases as high as 28%.

High efficiency motor (IPM) can up to 94. 5%. and achieve the efficiency level of IE4.

3. High efficiency

Compared with other manufacturers in the production of ordinary frequency conversion machine . our air compressor can save about 6%-7% energy.

In the air compressor life cycle. the total costs are composed of the cost of purchase matainance and energy. Frequency conversion control system can reduce energy consumption, thus reduce the total cost of air compressor .

4. New change


Adopting the new concept of frenquency conversion air compressor achieve the highest energy saving effect in this industry .

More compact design, more closed body, less noise, less floor

Leading the future direction of the air compressor, establishment the industry standards. to provide customers with the value of energy.

How much can you save if you buy our screw air compressor?

Production of compressed air energy consumption may be more thaconsumption, can significantly reduce energy consumption, VS conon actual gas consumption, reduce the additional 44% to 25% of the energy saving program.

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Special Customized Service
1) Full OEM
Quantity: at least 1 set.
In this plan, we will do all the changes (Color, name plate and logo) as your need, and will not charge extra fee.
2) Half OEM
Quantity: no limit
Under this program, we can make the necessary alteration (name plate and logo) but we will charge some extra fee for the name plate, as the name plate factory has the MOQ.
3) Logo OEM
 Quantity: no limit
 Only the logo will be changed to yours, and no extra fee will be charged.
Overseas Engineer Service
We are available to send our engineer for aboard service. Only need you to arrange the accommodation, transportation and translator. Extra cost for each will be discussed based on local price level.